TEA State Mandates

Texas Law as it pertains to Physical Education and Health Education in K-12

TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) – Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 19, Part II, Chapter 116, TEKS for Physical Education and Health Education

Minutes of TEKS based physical activity required - Texas Education Code (TEC), Title 2, Subtitle F, Chapter 28, Subchapter A

> Elementary School – grades K-6 – 30 minutes MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) daily or 135 minutes per week or 225 minutes per two weeks if in block schedule
> Junior High – Middle School – grades 6-8 – 30 minutes MVPA daily for at least 4 semesters during these grades as part of district’s physical education curriculum.
> High School – grades 9-12 – 1 credit (2 semesters) of physical education

CPR – AED Instruction required - Texas Education Code (TEC), Title 2, Subtitle F, Chapter 28.0023
> Before high school graduation, students in grades 7-12 must receive instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillation.SHAC – School Health Advisory Council and Health Education Instruction - Texas Education Code (TEC), Title 2, Subtitle F, Chapter 28.004
> Each school district shall establish a School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)
> Details on structure and function are in this chapter and also on the Texas Department of State Health Services website: CLICK HERE for a SHAC guidebook.

TEA Information for Students with Limitations in Physical Education

The Texas Education Agency provides the following information regarding students with physical activity limitations in PE:
> CLICK HERE for FAQ table 

Approval Process for Off-campus Physical Education Substitutions:

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has modified the forms and instructions for submission of requests to award credits for appropriate private or commercially-sponsored off-campus physical activity in Category I and II as a substitution for regular physical education. District superintendents must apply to the commissioner of education for approval of such programs, which may be substituted for state graduation credit in physical education. CLICK HERE for instructions. Furthermore, TEA would like to emphasize the following points:

>> Written correspondence from the district superintendent is no longer required for this request.

>> The TEA will now accept only electronically submitted applications from the superintendent and/or the district’s designated contact.

>> District personnel responsible for requesting new or renewal programs for off-campus physical activity substitutions for physical education or graduation credit should review the instructions and complete the “2009-2010 Off-campus Physical Activity Approval Request” form. CLICK HERE for a copy of the form.