Safety & Physical Education

Guidelines for Physical Activity in Texas Heat

With the current drought and heat wave across Texas, the determination of how hot is too hot for physical activity is important. Many students have spent the summer inside air conditioned environments and may not be prepared to be physically active outside.

For guidelines for the heat index (air temperature and relative humidity) and the danger levels for physical activity, CLICK HERE.

For information on heat illnesses and treatment, CLICK HERE.

Ozone Levels & Safety

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission says, "no warning is issued at Level Yellow which is considered a moderate level (51-100). Concentrations of ozone at this level may cause some respiratory effects from prolonged exposure during outdoor activity in people who are unusually sensitive to ozone."  You may be able to find more information on this topic at, or

Elementary PE Facilities

> Guidelines for Elementary PE Facilities

> Suggested Facilities & Equipment for Elementary PE

Mosquito Posters

Mosquitos are always a nuisance but with the Zika virus, mosquitos have become more of a concern this summer. The ESC 20 has produced a poster on reducing the mosquito population.
> English version & Spanish version