Fun Facts Calendars

The Fun Facts Calendar was created by Janice Swope, a now retired Pflugerville elementary PE teacher. She would read the following as part of the school’s announcements each morning, varying of course with the focus for the month. Listen to the clues. Students put their answer – with their first and last name and teacher’s name in the red, white, and blue bucket in the cafeteria before lunch. Listen to tomorrow’s announcements for the answers and winner. You can create your own “bucket,” prizes, and questions. We have provided each month in a Word format so you can customize to your school calendar.   

> September (Fruits & Veggies)
> October (Bones)
> November (Muscles)
> December (Safety)
> January (Nutrition)
> February (Heart)
> March (Texas)
> April (Anatomy)
> May (Sports)