Why Should I Join TAHPERD?


  Originally written in 1985 by Executive Director Quentin A. Christian

 Past TAHPERD Executive Director Quentin A. Christian

Why should I join TAHPERD?
A colleague asked me one day.
And while I pondered his question
He continued to chatter away.

To join they want twenty-five bucks
Man, that’s too much to pay!
All that I get is a Journal
And I don’t read it anyway.

They say it makes you “professional”
To have your name upon the list.
Lots of good stuff for the members?
Huh, can’t see a thing I’ve missed.

And all those meetings they have, who cares!
Just a big waste of time.  You know
I’m not gonna change the way I’ve done things
For twenty nine years in a row.

So tell me…why should I join it?
Just one good reason will do.
Partner, I said, you’re so darn right
TAHPERD is obviously not for you.

TAHPERD is for folks who are on the way up,
Who want to professionally grow.
Folks who are involved in shaping their fate
And willing to share what they know.

TAHPERD is for those with commitment,
Who’ll accept when leadership calls, 
And then follow through with their duties and tasks
No matter how large or how small.

As they say, you receive in proportion
To the way that you give and serve.
So, if twenty-five bucks is all you invest,
Well, a Journal may be all you deserve.

As a member, I hope you are finding
Much greater reward than that man:
That professional involvement in TAHPERD, for you
Makes the difference we know that it can.

If someone should ask you, “Why TAHPERD?”
Its real value I hope you can share.
I hope they will know by your answer.
It’s a sign we professionally CARE.