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Volunteer and Leadership Opportunities
TAHPERD offers an open invitation to members who want to take a participative role in the success of their professional association. Committees are selected once a year in the fall for the upcoming year. If you would like to be considered for a committee, email  Rachel Naylor and indicate the committee(s) of interest. Should your situation change and other commitments not permit you to participate, you need only decline our invitation. We hope to hear from you.

TAHPERD membership includes three journals (Fall, Spring and Summer Issues). TAHPERD publishes peer-reviewed research based articles and/or activities/experiences that have worked exceptionally well in the classroom. If you have an interest in submitting an article, please refer to the “Guidelines for Authors.” We also publish Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) Guidebooks for both health and physical education for various grade levels. These have proven to be a valuable resource to teachers and administrators. 

All newsletters are electronic and emailed to members. TAHPERD provides our members with the most recent health, physical education, recreation, and dance news and announcements of events, legislative issues, and other items of interest.

Career and Resource Services
TAHPERD gladly posts job announcements free of charge for TAHPERD members. Please visit the TAHPERD Jobs Listings Page for more information. CLICK HERE to email your job posting to the TAHPERD Office.

Member E-Services
TAHPERD has several electronic member services available at our website www.tahperd.org. The services available online are  Update, Directory, Renewal, Professional Development History and Online Registration. The newest feature is access to Online Membership Cards. Current members can print their card whenever they need it simply by logging into their member profile. The membership card button is located on the left side of your profile information.