What is a “Fact Sheet” and “How do I use it?”

The fact sheets contained in this manual were developed by Masters and Doctoral students studying adapted physical education at Texas Woman’s University in Denton , Texas in cooperation with the Denton ISD adapted physical educators. The fact sheets were developed to educate regular physical educators and classroom teachers about various disabilities and to include other information that may be important to the educator who provides physical education services.

The sheets were designed to provide information that is accurate (information was researched), easy to read (basic language and layout), and informative (definition, characteristics, safety precautions, medical information and teaching tips). If you are unsure of the nature of a child’s disability, check with the school’s diagnostician.  If a student in your class displays several of the “characteristics” described on the fact sheet and he/she has NOT been identified as disabled, discuss your concerns with the diagnostician.

Disabilities Addressed (Click on a disability below to learn more about it...)

Originally developed by Texas Woman’s University Graduate Adapted Physical Education Program (French, R. 1997 - 2004) in cooperation with Denton ISD (1997 - 2004).


We would like to thank the faculty and the adapted physical education master’s and doctoral students at Texas Woman’s University for their time and effort for designing the original fact sheets and the Denton ISD Special Education staff for their editing and support with this project.  We would also like to thank Val Morgan, Director of Special Education for her continual support of the Adapted Physical Education program in Denton ISD.

Contributing Editors

Dr. Ron French
Dr. Lisa Silliman-French
Ms. Linda Thibault

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