The Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance strongly affirms that dance is a comprehensive academic discipline which is essential to the total growth, development, and education of all students K-12 and higher education.

Dance Division Sections:

Performance Section

Produces three performance opportunities for students of TAHPERD members to showcase their works at annual convention. Kaleidoscope is an adjudicated performance and is presented in a more formal setting. Opening Night Performances are presented in the Exhibit Hall and open to all TAHPERD convention attendees to spotlight the Dance Division. Dance On the Spot performances are done in public spaces throughout the convention.

Aesthetics Section

Obtains the adjudicators for Kaleidoscope and provides them with the feedback form to guide their responses to the works.

Pedagogy Section

Presents a Student Choreography Feedback session that is centered around the Liz Lerman Response Process. This allows for student members to present work live or through video and receive feedback from all those attending the session.

Cultural, Social and Wellness

Recruit presenters that are representative of TAHPERD as a whole, that are centered in dance.


Benefits to Student Members:

> Networking with professionals in the field.

> Student Choreography Feedback session

> Student works can be presented at any performance opportunity under a Professional Member’s #

> Scholarship Opportunity

> Proof of initiative to be responsible member professional career investment

> Depth of knowledge shared through professional presentations that enhance and expand academic work

> Active participation in workshops centered around Pedagogical practices in the classroom

Benefits for K-12 Professionals:

> Economic membership and convention fees

> Networking with higher education professionals in the field

> Students allowed to participate in movement-based workshops

> Choreographic presentations: students, guest, faculty

> Learn current and relevant best practices regarding dancers’ safety and wellness

> Leadership opportunities available

Benefits for University/College Professors:

> Networking with K-12 professionals in the field.

> Keeping connection with the profession our students will work with in their futures.

> Faculty & Students can submit choreography for 3 performance opportunities

> Leadership opportunities available

TAHPERD Philosophy 
Statement on Dance

Dance education makes significant contributions to the understanding of culture while developing personal creativity and expressiveness through guided movement experiences.

TAHPERD 98th Annual Convention – Dance Choreography Submission

Guidelines and Information

Dance Performance Submission Google Form  
(Deadline Nov. 1)

Student Choreography Submission Application 
(Deadline Nov. 1)


Link to TEKS:

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TEA General Curriculum Laws and Rules for Fine Arts Education


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