Colleges and universities should provide quality programs that:

1. Develop competent professionals that are prepared for the 21st century

2. Provide a variety of options for participation in lifetime activities

Physical education should be a core curriculum requirement at all higher education institutions. No substitutions for previous experience, varsity athletics, certifications, or licensures should be accepted for this credit.

All public school teachers in HPERD should be certified through an accredited program within their discipline. Teacher preparation should provide content-specific instruction and pedagogy training. It is highly recommended that programs also provide field based experiences, including student teaching.

Professional preparation in areas other than teacher certification should also provide research-based instruction, practical field experiences, and quality internship programs. In addition, programs should prepare students for appropriate professional certifications/licensures.

TAHPERD Philosophy
Statement on College

The College Division strives to provide
leadership and advocacy for quality
HPERD programs in higher education


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